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Music Discovery Experience CD ROM
View and hear samples from 248 CDs & Videos - 15 Hours of Music - includes a 5 dollar moneyback coupon toward your first purchase.

The Music Discovery Experience Interactive is an exciting, new adventure in music discovery. This CD ROM is just like having a record store in your home. Includes 677 new song samples by excellent, independent recording artists, not afraid to experiment and not shackled by what industry executives perceive as saleable mainstream music. Presented in a new, media-rich, fun and informative format.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Listen to music samples, see full color album covers and artist photos, and read about the artists and their music. When you find a CD or video you enjoy, order it from our associates, stores or directly from us. This new, interactive, entertaining way to shop for music saves you hundreds of hours or searching stores and the internet. It's fast, easy and convenient. Slip this CD ROM into your computer and prepare for an exciting adventure in music discovery.

Search the Discovery Gallery by style or artist. Use the Music Player to listen automatically by style or randomly, creating a unique musical environment every playing.

Unlock the Music Discovery Network Web Radio and hear music history being made, daily. Take The Music Discovery Challenge and earn prizes and gifts, beginning an interactive relationship of music discovery toward higher levels in future CD ROMS.

Minimum Requirements:

Macintosh: Power PC Processor, 32MB RAM, 12MB HD, 13" color display, 4X CD, OS 8.1, QuickTime 4.1.2

Windows: Pentium PC, 32MB RAM, 12MB HD, VGA 640x480 thousands colors display, 4X CD, Sound Blaster compatible card, Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT4, QuickTime 4.1.2, Microsoft Internet Explorer, 56K modem optional for internet functions.

Price $5.00