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CitiSlicker Customer Appreciation Contests

Refer your friends, relatives and associates to select contests.
You win, when they win.

Effective: 8/1/16 Current Referral Prize: $20 Sponsor Coupon

Here's how it works...

  1. Send your friends, relatives and associates an email (or post in a social network) telling them about the contest.
  2. Include in your email:
    1. A link to the contest. Either copy the contest url from your browser or send the condensed link we may have provided.
    2. Tell them that when they enter the contest to enter your email address and your name in the *referral fields.
  3. If a person wins a contest that includes your referral email address and referral name, you win too.
  4. You win whatever the current prize is that is mentioned above at the time of the contest end.
  5. We will notify you at the referral email address as provided in the contest entry and arrange delivery of your prize.

Tell as many friends, relatives and associates to enter as many contests as you wish, and you too could win. The more you refer the better chance you have of winning.

* Note: Not all contests offer Referrals in this way. If not, there will be no Referral field. Other methods may be used.

a) Contestants may not refer themselves
b) All contest rules apply to referral winners
c) You may refer as often as you wish
d) We reserve the right to name/replace the prize at any time

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